Songwriting & Piano

Piano for singers and songwriters:


  • Learn to play the piano

  • Elevate your musicianship

  • Learn to read music

  • Write out the charts to your songs

  • Learn chord playing

  • Music theory

  • Improve your ear

  • Communicate with other musicians

  • Learn to accompany yourself

  • Specilazing in piano for singers and songwriters

Develop and improve your songwriting skills with guidance that includes:


  • Fundamentals of songwriting, i.e. how to write a song

  • Lyrics & structure analysis

  • Objective editing & feedback

  • Song form guidance & chart writing

  • Assistance with completing your half-finished songs

  • Help taking your ideas and turn them into songs


Do you have song ideas but not sure where to begin to create a song?

Do you have books of half finished songs?

Do you want to be able to write out your song charts?


Whether you are just beginning or have been writing for years...a songwriting mentor can help your take your writing to the next level.