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Welcome to Connect To Your Voice. 
Vocal coaching for kids + adults of all levels,
Taught by Sonnet Simmons, professional singing + songwriter from ABC's Rising Star.
20+ Years experience. BA in music from UCLA.
Specilizing in helping you find + strengthen your voice for singing live + speaking.

Enroll yourself or your child in a life changing education of connecting to your voice for greater vocal strength, sound, presence, stamina + ability. 

Singing.  Speaking.  Songwriting.  Piano.





About Sonnet

Sonnet Simmons is a singer-songwriter and vocal coach with over 20 years of music experience with teachers and Grammy award winning artists from across the country. She was a top contestant on ABC's Rising Star. Her original music has been featured in commercials for brands such as Overstock.comCoca-Cola, Lee Jeans, GoDaddy, and much more...


Sonnet graduated from UCLA with a BA in Music/ Voice Performance, has been performing and songwriting around the world. She teaches private and group voice and piano lessons. As well as nationwide vocal and performance classes for kids and teens, and at Endoora Star Camp, under the umbrella company Speech Level Singing. In addition to coaching, Sonnet can be found performing, songwriting for TV, film, and other artists, as well as recording her sophomore record.


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OVERSTOCK.COM "O is the One"

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Coca Cola / Lagoon Park Summer Commercial Campaign

About Coaching

In vocal lessons, Sonnet focuses on:


  • Proper vocal technique, which is universal and applies to all styles

  • Encouraging and developing a singer’s vocal phrasing, styling, and performance

  • Helping a singer find his/her own unique distinguishable sound

  • Strengthening vocal stamina and range

  • Creating a smooth and strong vocal sound from top to bottom of vocal range

  • Accurate pitch and tone

  • Vocal performance

  • Ability to communicate with other musicians on stage

  • Confidence in delivery of the song

  • Consistency, the ability to hit the note every time

  • Elevate your musicianship

  • Learn to read music

  • Write out the charts to your songs

  • Learn chord playing

  • Music theory

  • Improve your ear

  • Communicate with other musicians

  • Learn to accompany yourself

  • Piano for singers and songwriters

Vocal Coaching

Songwriting Mentoring


Develop and improve your songwriting skills with guidance that includes:


  • Fundamentals of songwriting, i.e. how to write a song

  • Lyrics & structure analysis

  • Objective editing & feedback

  • Song form guidance & chart writing

  • Assistance with completing your half-finished songs

  • Help taking your ideas and turn them into songs


Whether you are just beginning or have been writing for years...a songwriting mentor can help your take your writing to the next level.




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